Favorite Biographies - Christian
Listed in alphabetical order.

Bonhoeffer // Dietrich Bonhoeffer
by Eric Metaxas
Bonhoeffer is one of the more fascinating people I have read about. And Metaxas’ biography has to rank as one of the better biographies I have read. One cannot fail to be moved and inspired by Bonhoeffer’s deep devotion to Christ and his courageous stand for Christ.

The Gift of Pain // Paul Brand
with Philip Yancey
Brand was a renowned hand surgeon and leprosy specialist who was born in India and spent much of his life there. This book is chock full of wisdom on life.

The Heavenly Man // Brother Yun
with Paul Hattaway
This is the story of Brother Yun, a young man from a desperately poor family in China. The book describes what God did in the life of Yun, and what God did in the house churches of China. I do not know that I have ever read a book quite like this one. You will be moved and encouraged by what God is doing in China.

Shadow of the Almighty // Jim Elliot
by Elisabeth Elliot
im Elliot was one of the five men killed by the Auca Indians in the jungle of Ecuador. This is a collection of his journals and letters. His passion for Jesus is off the charts. You will be inspired!

A Prophet With Honor // Billy Graham
by William Martin
This is the official biography authorized by Graham, well-written by a Rice professor.

Surprised by Joy // C.S. Lewis
This is Lewis’ account of his childhood and early adult life, ending when he becomes a Christian. It is his spiritual pilgrimage to Jesus

The Narnian // C.S. Lewis
Alan Jacobs
Excellent biography of C.S. Lewis.

The First 40 Years and The Fight of Faith // D.M. Lloyd-Jones
by Iain Murray
He may have been the greatest preacher of the 20th century, with a passion for God, prayer and dependency. This two-volume biography about his quite unusual life is a marathon read, but it is one of the five best biographies I’ve read.

Here I Stand // Martin Luther
Roland Bainton
Many consider it the definitive biography of Luther.

The Autobiography of George Muller // George Muller
George Muller was the pastor and founder of orphanages who left an indelible impact with his faith and prayer and devotion to Jesus.

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret // Hudson Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
Hudson Taylor was a missionary to China in the 1800s. He opened up the interior of China and had an incredible impact on that country. Here is the story. It is also the story of one man’s journey with God. He had an amazing life of faith and prayer. An unforgettable book. Like all the books on this list, it is worth many readings.

Surprised by Oxford // Carolyn Weber
Carolyn Weber’s story of coming to faith at Oxford University and falling in love with Kent Weber.

Favorite Biographies - Secular

The Last Lion: Visions of Glory // Winston Churchill
William Manchester
Manchester is a brilliant writer and this is a masterpiece of biography. This is the first of a projected three-volume work. For me, Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt are the two best leaders and two most interesting figures of the 20th century.

My Losing Season // Pat Conroy
The story of his senior year as a basketball player at The Citadel, and his volatile relationship with an abusive father.

Team of Rivals // Abraham Lincoln
Doris Kearns Goodwin
A superb biography of Lincoln and his Cabinet, which was influential in the Stephen Spielberg movie “Lincoln” (2012).

When Character Was King // Ronald Reagan
Peggy Noonan
Brief but superb biography of Reagan.

Franklin and Winston // Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill
Jon Meacham
Well-told story of the epic friendship between Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill during World War II.

TR: The Last Romantic // Theodore Roosevelt
H.W. Brands
Brands is a professor at The University of Texas who has written a superb one-volume life of the inimitable Theodore Roosevelt.

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt // Theodore Roosevelt
Edmund Morris
I find Roosevelt’s life endlessly interesting. Easily my favorite President. Morris won a Pulitzer for this book, which is the first of three volumes.

It Doesn’t Take a Hero // Norman Schwarzkopf
Autobiography of the leader of the first gulf war.