Top 10 Books
These books have probably meant more to me than any others. I list ten in rough order of importance to me.

The Knowledge of the Holy
A.W. Tozer
This is a short paperback comprised of 23 very brief chapters on 23 attributes of God. Tozer knew God and he could write. This is a book worthy of many readings. Best read in small doses, say one chapter at a time, because it is so packed.

Shadow of the Almighty
Elisabeth Elliot
Jim Elliot was one of the five men killed by the Auca Indians in the jungle of Ecuador. This is a collection of his journals and letters. His passion for Jesus is off the charts. You will be inspired!

Knowing God
J.I. Packer
This is a modern-day classic. This book is a bit similar to The Knowledge of the Holy in that it focuses on the attributes of God. It’s a bit bigger book. Like Tozer, Packer is both biblical and brilliant. A stretching book. Not easy to read, but worth the effort.

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
Hudson Taylor was a missionary to China in the 1800s. He opened up the interior of China and had an incredible impact on that country. Here is the story. It is also the story of one man’s journey with God. He had an amazing life of faith and prayer. An unforgettable book. Like all the books on this list, it is worth many readings.

Surprised by the Power of the Spirit
Jack Deere
Jack Deere is a skilled exegete who argues persuasively that God continues to heal people and do other miracles just as he did during Bible times. There is also an excellent chapter on the importance of loving Jesus. Perhaps the best single chapter I’ve read on that crucial topic.

Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis
Lewis was an Oxford professor who moved from atheism to theism to Christianity. He is the most influential writer of the 20th century and this is his most influential work. So many Christian leaders would say this is the single most influential book in their life after the Bible.

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
Jim Cymbala
The pacesetter for praying churches in the United States is Brooklyn Tabernacle, pastored by Jim Cymbala. This is an inspiring book about how God has poured out a spirit of prayer at this church.

The Jesus I Never Knew
Philip Yancey
Billy Graham called Philip Yancey the best living Christian writer. I would agree. This is a superb study on the life of Jesus, stripping away misconceptions.

Timothy Keller
When I read this book after being a preacher for 35 years, I thought to myself, “I wish I would have had this as a young preacher.”  Scholarly and insightful.

A Severe Mercy
Sheldon Van Auken
Ah! I love this book. A story of two people coming to faith. A story of two people deeply in love. The best love story I’ve read, fact or fiction. A beautiful and sad and stirring book.