Breaking Free of OCD

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Breaking Free of OCD_front cover.jpg.jpeg

Breaking Free of OCD

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A note from Jeff:

In the book I tell the story of my desperate struggle with OCD since I was a young man.  After struggling off and on, and at times struggling deeply, in May of 2011, at age 57, I hit a low point.  I wasn’t sure that I would survive this crisis with mental pain.  However, I was so desperate that I had to face this problem head on for the first time.  Putting Band-Aids on the problem no longer worked.
In the years since 2011 God has taught me so much, and given me so much victory and healing over this mental anguish.  He has taught me what his tender love and grace are all about.
OCD is a painful yet common mental problem.  I wrote this book to help people who are struggling with OCD, but also to help people who are struggling with other forms of mental disease.  These principles apply to other forms of mental disease as well.  I also wrote this book to help family members and loved ones of strugglers to understand and help their loved who is struggling with mental pain.
God’s desire for you is to live in all the freedom and joy that you long for.  If you read this book with an open heart it will help you immensely.  It will help your loved ones.

It has been many years.  I am still on the journey but knowing and feeling God’s love for me – has made all the difference.  I feel alive. I feel safe. I feel loved.  That is my deep desire and prayer for you - receive God's love.  Your life will never be the same.

- Jeff