Leadership and the One-Minute Manager
Kenneth Blanchard
This is a brief but invaluable book on how to lead people. Blanchard argues that different people need different types of leadership and different levels of freedom. Superb!

Built to Last
Jim Collins
Excellent and interesting book on why certain companies lasted for a long time. This is a great book on purpose and values of organizations.

Good to Great
Jim Collins
This is my favorite leadership book. It is for so many people. Collins talks about companies that have made the transition from good companies to great companies. Fascinating section on level five leaders who combine personal humility and professional resolve, and on getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. But there’s so much more.

Leadership Axioms
Bill Hybels
This is probably Hybels’ best book. It has about 70 brief chapters on leadership axioms, invaluable for everyone in pastoral ministry.

The Leadership Challenge
James Kouzes and Barry Posner
This is one of the better leadership books I have read. These two business school professors do a tremendous job of giving an overview of what leadership is all about, peppering the book with examples and illustrations.

The Advantage
Patrick Lencioni
I am a big fan of Patrick Lencioni’s work and this is his best book yet. Organizational health is “the advantage,” the main advantage a company can have over its competitors.

Spiritual Leadership
J. Oswald Sanders
This is a classic book on Christian leadership written by a seasoned missionary leader. Full of wisdom.