Honorable Mention
These books did not quite make my top ten list, but they easily could have.  In a few years, maybe they will.  Each of these books is worth multiple readings also.

Safely Home
Randy Alcorn
This novel depicts life for Christians in China. It is challenging, moving, inspiring and difficult to put down. Alcorn is a tremendous writer, and the tale is riveting.

Timothy Keller
Probably my favorite book on prayer.  He looks at the topic biblically, theologically, practically.  He is always scholarly and insightful.

The Gift of Pain
Paul Brand (with Philip Yancey)
Brand was a renowned hand surgeon and leprosy specialist who was born in India and spent much of his life there. This is a fascinating book and it is chock full of wisdom on life.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart
This is my favorite book on how to study the Bible. It is not an easy read, but it is worth the effort. It is widely used in seminaries. I strongly recommend it for all serious believers who want to understand the Bible better.

The Heavenly Man
Brother Yun (with Paul Hattaway)
This is the story of Brother Yun, a young man from a desperately poor family in China. The book describes what God did in the life of Yun, and what God did in the house churches of China. I do not know that I have ever read a book quite like this one. You will be moved and encouraged by what God is doing in China.

Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth
Richard Foster
This book may be the classic work on the spiritual disciplines.

Knowing Christ
S. Craig Glickman
This is a superbly written, theologically insightful overview of the key events in the life of Christ. Superb book.

Surprised by Joy
C.S. Lewis
This is Lewis’ account of his childhood and early adult life, ending when he becomes a Christian. It is his spiritual pilgrimage to Jesus.

The Life You’ve Always Wanted
John Ortberg
This is probably the most helpful overview of the spiritual life that I have read. Ortberg is insightful, hard-hitting and yet winsome and funny. You’ll love it.

Desiring God
John Piper
This is Piper’s passionate call for Christian hedonism, that is, God is out for our joy and we glorify God when we find our joy in him. Tremendous!

Forgive and Forget
Lewis Smedes
I love reading Smedes. Such wisdom and vulnerability. This is the best book out on the difficult task of forgiving people.

John Stott
If I was preaching through a book and Stott wrote on it, he was always the first person that I would read and invariably the most helpful person that I would read. Mind of a scholar, heart of a pastor. I could include any of his commentaries, but this would be my favorite. Good material!

Disappointment With God
Philip Yancey
Yancey is so honest, so authentic, so bright. This is the most helpful book on suffering that I’ve read. It is focused on Job.

What’s So Amazing About Grace?
Philip Yancey
Peppered with great stories, Yancey argues for the centrality of grace in Christianity.

Richard Foster
Widely considered the best modern work on prayer, it is superb. I have not read a book as helpful for my personal prayer life as this one.