Stephen Ambrose
History of D-Day in World War II.

Nothing Like It In the World
Stephen Ambrose
Ambrose’s history of building the transcontinental railroad across America in the 1800s.

Citizen Soldiers
Stephen Ambrose
The history of World War II in Europe from D-Day on.

 Lone Star
T.R. Fehrenbach
Excellent history of Texas.

The Great Game
Peter Hopkirk
Peter Hopkirk’s stirring history of the struggle for empire between Russia and India over Central Asia in the 19th century.  Reads like a novel.

Nightmare Years
William Shirer
Shirer’s account of Germany during the thirties, leading up to the outbreak of World War II.  Shirer was a journalist in Europe during this time.  He was mostly based in Berlin.

Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
William Shirer
Shirer’s massive and definitive account of Nazi Germany.

Ghost Soldiers
Hampton Sides
Stirring history of a daring raid to rescue American soldier in the Philippines during World War II.

Born Fighting
James Webb
Webb’s history of the Scots and Irish who came to America