I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart.

Psalm 9:1a


What does it mean to praise God with all your heart? What does that look like?

Let's start with what it does not mean.


Praising God with all your heart is not a lukewarm affair.

It is not sitting silently while others worship.

It is not passive.

It is not without emotion.

It is not going through the motions.

It is not mechanical.

It is not boring.


Praising God with all your heart is passionate.

It is uninhibited, unrestrained, uncensored.

It is focused wholly on God, not people around you.

It is more focused on the heart of worship than on the art of worship.

It is active, participative, engaged.

It involves deep emotion at times.

It involves the body at times - tongue, hands, arms, knees, feet, eyes.

It is soul-nurturing, soul-restoring.

It is life-giving.

It involves a one-person audience, Jesus.

It does not focus on self (How am I worshiping?) but on God.

It is anything but boring.

It enthralls.

It touches God.