Twisted Thinking

What if some were unfaithful?  Does their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God?

Romans 3:3



Paul’s immediate answer to this question that some were asking:  “By no means!  Of course not!  No way!”


The premise is twisted thinking:  Because some of the Jews were unfaithful, that means God is unfaithful?  These questioners are looking at people, who are sinful and flawed, and they then make a conclusion about God.


People in our world make a similar argument all the time.  It goes like this:  “Look at those Christians!  They are so arrogant, condescending and judgmental.  If that’s Christianity, it must not be true.  God cannot be real.  Jesus cannot be God.”  Or, it goes like this:  “Look at those Christians fighting wars against one another, in Lebanon or Ireland or in the Balkans.  Or, those white supremacists are Christians.  Even many of the Nazis.  It must not be true!”


It is not uncommon today for skeptics to look at flawed people and make a conclusion about God.


Several thoughts in response:


  1. Just because someone claims to be a Christian or goes to a church does not make them a genuine Christ-follower. Millions of people are “cultural Christians” who do not know Christ.


  1. For those who are genuine Christians, none is perfect. All of us are flawed.  Deeply flawed.


  1. The only perfect man is Jesus. Focus on Jesus:  Who was he?  How did he live?  What did he say?  The test of Christianity is Christ.


Our unfaithfulness does not diminish God’s character in the least.  That’s twisted thinking.



Papa, though I am deeply flawed, I thank you for a Savior who lived a blameless life.