The Haughty and the Humble

Before destruction a man’s heart is haughty,
but humility comes before honor.
Proverbs 18:12

God exalts the humble.  God humbles the haughty.  

He blesses the humble.  He opposes the haughty.  

Who are the haughty?  What do they look like?  

They are self-reliant.  
They are self-preoccupied.  
They are self-righteous.  
They refuse to submit to God.  
They don’t have a broken and contrite heart.  
They draw attention to themselves.  
They are not servants.  
They incessantly talk about themselves.  
They flout God’s Word.  
They are overly critical of others.  
They are not thankful people.  
They need no one.  

Who are the humble?  What do they look like?  

They are worshippers.  
They are Jesus-preoccupied.  
They don’t focus on themselves.  
They are self-forgetful.  
They depend upon the Lord.  
They surrender to the Lord.  
They obey the Lord.  
They don’t look down on others.  
They are not self-righteous.  
They don’t draw attention to self.  
They are grateful people.  
They don’t care who gets the credit.  
They know they need God.  

The first group:  God will humble them.  He is able to do it.  

The second group:  God will save them, bless them, honor them.