The First Denial


But the serpent said to the woman, "You will not surely die."
Genesis 3:4
Satan is no longer questioning God's word, as he had done in verse 1. Now Satan is denying God's word: "You will not surely die"!
The word not is emphatic in the original language. "You will not die! No way!"
You will hear the same voice, whispering in your ear, denying God's word. It comes in many forms.
  • "The Bible is not even true. It's full of errors."
  • "That command doesn't apply to you. Your case is different."
  • "God will forgive you. Just go ahead and sin and then confess it later."
  • "Sin is no big deal. It's just a little sin anyway."
  • "You can sin and get away with it. God is not going to judge you."
  • "You deserve this. You need this to be happy."
  • "There's no judgment. There's no price to pay for sin."
In all sorts of ways, Satan denies the reality of judgment and hell.
If we lost sight of the ugliness of sin and the reality of God's judgment, then we will never appreciate the amazing grace of God that rescues us from sin and guilt and hell. If there's no real sin, you don't need a Savior. You don't need grace. You don't need God.
The first truth that Satan denied was the truth of God's judgment.
He's still denying it today. We live in a world of denial.
Resist this attack. Repudiate this voice. Refuse to listen. Run to God for his saving grace.