Sabbath Rest

So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.

Genesis 2:3    

God did not rest on the seventh day because he was tired.  He did not rest because he was weary.  Omnipotence does not get weary.   

Rather, God rested because he was finished.  His work of creation was completed.  But God also rested for our sakes.  We needed to see the rhythm of work and rest.  He rested for our sakes not for his sake.   

The Bible says God blessed the Sabbath.  He made it holy.  In what sense is the Sabbath holy?  Well, it is special.  It is a different day.  It is God’s gift to us, a day of rest and worship, a day to pray and play.  A day to stop working.   

God designed you for a day of rest.  A regular day of rest.  One day in seven.  Your body needs it.  Your mind needs it.  Your soul needs it.   

But the Sabbath is more than the absence of work.  It is also the presence of worship.  It is a day to live in God’s presence, a day of drawing close to God.  The reason why the weekend doesn’t refresh most people, who are just as weary on Monday morning as on Friday afternoon, is because there is no true Sabbath.  There is the absence of work but not the presence of worship.  We need our souls restored, and that only comes when we touch God and let God breathe life into our weary souls.  It comes with worship.   
This is the Sabbath:  rest and worship, pray and play.  God’s gift to you.