Naked Trust


And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.
Genesis 2:25

This simple description gives us a picture of what God wants for every marriage: trust and transparency.
What does trust mean for a marriage?
I tell the truth. I'm completely honest with my spouse. I don't lie or shade the truth. If my spouse asks how much I spent on a purchase or what I think about something, I always tell the truth. It is impossible to have trust without honesty, because trust is based on truth.
I don't deceive. If I'm put on probation at work or receive a negative performance review, and I never say anything to my spouse, that's probably deceptive. If I buy something and I know my spouse would not like it and I never mention it, that's deceptive.
At times, it is easier to shade the truth or cover up. No question. But if I choose the easierroute, then trust is undermined, and therefore intimacy. The price of intimacy is honesty. No deception.
I do what I say. "I'll go by the grocery store." "I'll pay the Visa bill." When I say I'll do something I follow through. I follow through even if it's inconvenient. I don't say: "I know I agreed to go the Alley Theater on Monday but I forgot March Madness was on."
Obviously, at times unforeseen events come up that warrant a schedule change, such as a big project at work. But such events must be the exception not the commonplace. Day in, day out, I do what I say.
I am safe to talk openly with. I am not harsh or demeaning or condemning. I may challenge my spouse but I do so in a gentle and loving way. I am a safe person for open communication.
I am for you. I don't undermine my spouse in any way. I don't demean my spouse in public. I don't get laughs at the expense of my spouse.
When it comes to defending my spouse and loyalty to my spouse, I am tenacious.
I'll never abandon you. I will not betray or divorce or leave my spouse. Divorce is not an option. I never threaten divorce in the heat of an argument. If my spouse gets Alzheimer's, I will be there to provide care. As long as my spouse is alive, I'm not leaving.
This is what trust looks like in a marriage. When there's this kind of trust in a marriage, there is the opportunity to recover the amazing nakedness and intimacy of Eden.