My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23 is the best-loved Psalm because it is the stunningly beautiful and powerful example of David’s childlike trust in his God.  We all long for this kind of trust.  

It begins with the very first line.  David sees the Lord, the almighty, infinite, holy and sovereign God, as his shepherd.  Though he is the great and awesome God, David knew that God tenderly watched over him like a shepherd caring for his sheep.  The Lord is a shepherd.  In fact, David was more personal:  “The Lord is my shepherd.”  

What was David saying about God?  He was saying that God cares about me.  He knows me.  He understands me.  He watches over me.  He protects me.  He guides me.  He is gentle with me.  He nourishes me.  He comforts me.  He fights for me.  He is attentive to me.  He is for me.  He stays near me.  He will never leave me.  He would die for me.  He’s my shepherd!  

Whatever the need is, he can meet it.  Whatever the burden is, he can carry it.  Whatever the decision is, he can guide it.  Whatever the problem is, he can handle it.  Whatever the hurt is, he can heal it.  He’s my shepherd!  

When the Lord is your shepherd, you can rest in God no matter what happens.  He is watching over you.  He is right there with you.   He will see you through.  He’s your shepherd!  

You won’t lack anything you really need.  If it is a good thing for you, you will get it.  You will not be in want of anything, when the Lord is your shepherd.  

Perhaps David’s greatness was the way he saw God.  “The Lord is my shepherd!”  

A.W. Tozer taught us that how we see God is the crucial thing about us, shaping our entire life.  Do you see God this way?  “The Lord is my shepherd.”