Identity List

I am God’s child, much-loved by him.
I am Christ’s brother, blood-bought.
I am justified, made right with God.
I am redeemed and forgiven of all my sin.
I am in Christ, united with him.
I am a saint, one of God’s holy people.
I am God’s own adopted child.
I have the Spirit of the Living God inside me.
I am safe and secure in Christ forever.
I am under no condemnation.

I am dead to sin but alive to God.
I belong to Christ’s new kingdom.
I am God’s own treasured possession.
I have been chosen by God.
I have a new heart and the mind of Christ.
I am a citizen of heaven and I belong to God.
I am one of God’s priests, with a calling to ministry.
I am an ambassador of Christ.
I know God works all things together for my good.
I cannot be separated from the love of God.