Hide and Seek


And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.
Genesis 3:8
We hide. God seeks.
We hide from God. God seeks us. He seeks us because we matter to him.
The first thing Adam and Eve do after they sin is hide. They primarily hide from God but they subtly hide from each other. The fig leaves indicate that the trust and transparency between them has vanished.
Why do Adam and Eve feel the need to hide from God? Because they sinned. They feel guilt and shame.
We do the same thing. We sin. We feel an uneasy guilt and shame. We are no longer comfortable with ourselves and so we are not comfortable with God or with others. So we hide.
How do I hide? I hide by trying to control things. I try to control my emotions. I try to control my environment. Sometimes I try to control others.
At times I hide behind busyness. Or by "impression management" - how others see me. Or by being nice rather than being honest.
Sometimes I hide by asking people questions. If I ask all the questions then people won't ask me questions.
Sometimes I hide behind my reading. Or my running.
I have all kinds of ways to hide, some of which I am unaware of. I hide so subtly that I hide from myself that I'm hiding!
What about you? How do you hide? What are your preferred ways? Humor? Shopping? Sarcasm? TV? Golf? Exercise? Self-deprecation? Careerism?
What is the opposite of hiding?
Authenticity. Being ourselves. Being real. Being honest. Honest with ourselves. Honest with God. Honest with others.
Because we are imagebearers of God, we long to be authentic. We long to be ourselves and still be accepted.
The good news of the gospel is that I am accepted in Jesus. He has wiped out my sin and guilt and shame. He accepts me completely, just as I am. He sees me as completely righteous and forgiven. Because God accepts me, I can accept myself. I can be myself.
I no longer have to hide.
I can let God catch me.