Green Pastures

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.

Psalm 23:2

God is a good God!  

God is like the shepherd who takes care of his sheep.  He is like the shepherd who takes his sheep to lush, green meadows so they can eat to their hearts’ content.  He takes them to the green meadow so they can lie down and rest.  

God is like the shepherd who leads his sheep to the quiet stream so they can drink the clear, cool mountain water.  

That’s what God is like.  He’s the good shepherd!  He’s the shepherd who provides for us, who nourishes us, who takes care of us, who gives us what we really need.  He’s the shepherd who refreshes us, restores us, replenishes us.  

The only question for us is:  Do we follow our shepherd?  Do we follow him faithfully?  Do we follow him even when the path is hard and the way is dark?  Do we follow him even if we cannot see where we are going?  Do we follow our shepherd no matter what, because we see him as shepherd?  Because we see him as the good shepherd and we trust him?  

God is the God of the lush green meadow. 

He is the God of the clear mountain stream.  

Do you see God the way David saw him?  He is my shepherd and he is good to me.  So good to me.