Where Men Win Glory – the Odyssey of Pat Tillman

Like many people, I was shocked to read that Pat Tillman, NFL football star for the Arizona Cardinals, was giving up his lucrative salary to enlist in the Army for three years.  In the aftermath of 9/11, Tillman felt it was his duty to join the Army and do his part in the war on terrorism.

Two years later, Tillman was tragically killed by friendly fire during a battle in eastern Afghanistan.

This is his story, deftly told by Jon Krakauer, author of such books as “Into the Wild,” and “Into Thin Air.” He is a gifted storyteller.

Tillman was a bigger than life personality.  He was undersized and not fast enough to be a football star. But he was fearless and he was smart, and he became a star player at Arizona State and then with the Arizona Cardinals.

He was bright.  He was honest.  He was a reader.  He walked his own path.  He was deeply in love with his wife.  And he lived by a strong sense of honor and duty.

Tragically, Tillman was an agnostic, perhaps atheist.

When Tillman was killed, I thought to myself, “There will be a major biography telling Pat Tillman’s story.”  Five years later, here is the fascinating, tragic story.