Walking With God

This book traces a year of walking with God.  Eldredge aims to give the reader a feel for what it is like to listen to God and follow his voice.  There is story after story.

Eldredge is honest, vulnerable and insightful.  The book is full of practical suggestions, including these:

  1. If listening to God is new for you, ask God simple questions (not huge questions).
  2. Quiet yourself.
  3. Be in a state of surrender.
  4. Ask God what you should pray for.
  5. Ask him what you should read in the Bible.
  6. Listen to God for others (not just for yourself).
  7. Know that God speaks all the time, through all sorts of things.
  8. Don’t just ask the first question.  Ask the follow-up questions also.
  9. Resist trying to “figure things out” and listen.
  10. We need both wisdom and revelation.  Give attention to both.
  11. When any issue comes up, immediately ask, “Jesus?” (“Jesus, what do you say?”)

There is also a lot of attention given to the spiritual battle.  Much of this is very helpful. However, some of the praying feels formulaic and there seems to be such an emphasis on the battle that the focus is no longer on loving Jesus but on fighting the battle.

Overall, this is a helpful book from a godly man.