The Puritans

By D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

From 1959 to 1978, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones hosted a conference on the Puritans assisted by J.I. Packer and others.  This is the compendium of the messages he gave for each of those years.  Some are better than others, of course.  Some of the best ones included:  Revival, Knowing God, George Whitefield, Sandemanianism and the Nature of Faith, Calvinistic Methodism, History of the Puritans, John Knox, Howell Harris (a Welsh Preacher), and Jonathan Edwards.  His biographical studies of Whitefield, Knox, Harris and Edwards were especially superb.

How Lloyd-Jones loved Edwards!  He considered the Puritans in general to be the Alps, with Luther and Calvin being the Himalayas, and with Edwards being Mount Everest.

In general, Lloyd-Jones was an amazing preacher.  He was amazing for many reasons but the chief one in this book is his breadth of learning.  He was so well-read, not just in theology but also in church history, and particularly with the Puritans.  He believed that there was so much that we could learn from church history, especially from the Puritans in the 1600s.

Lloyd-Jones unfailingly inspires the diligent reader.