The Lion’s Pride

There is no end to books on Theodore Roosevelt, perhaps because Roosevelt was endlessly fascinating.  This book focuses on TR’s relationship with his family, especially his four sons.

When World War I began, all four of Roosevelt’s sons made sure they got in the war and, as much as possible, made it to the front lines.  (In fact, TR himself tried in vain to get to the front lines himself.)

The youngest son, Kermit, was killed when his plane was shot down over France.  The other three sons were with the occupation army in Europe in 1919, when their father died.  Archie wrote a note to his brothers Ted and Kermit, who were together in Germany:  “The old lion is dead.”

In so many ways, TR was an old lion – a fearless, formidable warrior of a man.  This is the story of TR’s relationships with his sons, and the fierce bond that existed between them.