The Forgotten Spurgeon by Iaian H. Murray


Charles Spurgeon, the nineteenth century London preacher, would be considered by many to be the greatest preacher since the New Testament. He began pastoring a large church in London at age 19 and saw thousands of people come to Christ. He taught his church faithfully for the next 40 years, and his writings would be the equivalent in space of the Encyclopedia Britannica.   He was a godly as well as a brilliant man.  

In this book, Iain Murray focuses on three controversies during Spurgeon’s life. He includes many quotes by Spurgeon about the controversies, which included the basic controversy of his life, the Calvinist/Arminian controversy. Spurgeon was completely Calvinistic.


This is not quite a biography, though it has much biographical information in it. It is at times fascinating and at times rather tedious. It is worth reading by the serious student.