The Emotionally Healthy Church

Peter Scazzero, a pastor in Queens, New York, tells the story of his journey, and his church’s journey, to becoming emotionally healthy.  He reflects on seven vital principles:

  1. Look beneath the surface.  What’s really going on inside?  What is the real motive?
  2. Break the power of the past.  Consider if there are unresolved wounds from your past.
  3. Live in brokenness and vulnerability.  God uses weakness, humility and authenticity.
  4. Receive the gift of limits and boundaries.
  5. Embrace grieving and loss.  Pay attention to pain:  God uses suffering in our lives.
  6. Focus on loving people well.  Enter into their world.  Be a great listener.
  7. Slow down and lead with integrity.  Don’t focus on changing your church but asking God to change you.