The Autobiography of George Mueller

George Muller was born in Germany in the 1800s.  From a life of sin and rebellion God radically saved him.  He fell deeply in love with God and began a remarkable life walking by faith.  He ended up in Bristol, England, working with a church.  He is led by God to start an orphan ministry and he does that for the rest of his life.  He felt led by God to never ask anyone for money.  But God provided in incredible ways so that the orphan ministries that Muller led eventually included thousands of orphans and God faithfully provided for them in all sorts of big and little ways.

George Muller’s life of faith in God is inspiring.  This book will fire you up.  It will encourage you to trust God in all of your life.  It will encourage you to pursue the Lord and to trust God for the impossible.  This is one of the best Christian autobiographies that I have read.