Spirit Walk

By Steve Smith

The late Steve Smith, who is one of the foremost leaders of church planting movements in the world, often trained in walking in the Spirit.  This came out of his deep conviction that the mere process of church planting movements would not be effective without the power of the Holy Spirit behind it.

This book came after years of teaching about the Holy Spirit to missionaries and leaders all over the world.  It focuses on four key actions critical to being filled with the Spirit.  These four actions comprise the acronym SWAP.

S – Surrender to God completely.

W – Wait on God in prayer.

A – Avoid sin and ask God to root out all sinfulness.

P – Pursue the promptings of the Spirit.

The book is based on Scripture, even saturated with Scripture.  Steve is a good, clear writer. 

I could not say that this is a great book, but it is solid.  Certainly, this is a great primer in walking with the Spirit.  It has clear instruction, practical guidelines, and it all comes from a deep heart for Jesus.