Saving Italy

Robert Edsel

Saving Italy is the third book by Robert Edsel on the recovery of art stolen by the Nazis during World War II.  His prior book, entitled Monuments Men, told the story of the recovery of European art that the Nazis had stolen during World War II.

This book tells the story of rescuing art in Italy stolen by the Nazis.  It is a fascinating story.  (In fact, the book Monuments Men was turned into a superb movie starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and John Goodman.)  Both books tell the story of a group of American officers who are commissioned by the U.S. Army to do what they could to protect and recover art that the Nazis stole during World War II.  Also doing what they could to restore art that was damaged by bombing and fighting during World War II.

The tale is superbly told by Robert Edsel, who was a businessman who has since become an expert on recovery of art stolen by the Nazis.

Even for someone who has no special expertise in art or history, this book is fascinating.  Italy was full of an amazing amount of magnificent art when World War II broke out, and it is wonderful that more art has not been lost or damaged irreparably.

This is a superb tale!  I hope that we have a second George Clooney movie coming out on this story.