Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams, a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and a cousin of President John Adams, was one of the primary figures in the American Revolution.  His writings and his speaking galvanized people throughout his native Massachusetts and the rest of the colonies.  Yet, paradoxically, Adams is not nearly as widely known as other key figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison.  Yet his role was essential.  Perhaps he is comparatively unknown because he never held national office.

Consider this testimony:

  • “Without the character of Samuel Adams the true history of the American Revolution can never be written.” (John Adams)
  •  “I often asked myself, is this exactly in the spirit of the patriarch of liberty, Samuel Adams?  Is it as he would express it?  Will he approve of it?” (Thomas Jefferson)
  • “Probably no American did more than Samuel Adams to bring on the revolutionary crisis.”  (Yale historian Edmund Morgan)

Adams was a master wordsmith and a passionate and fearless champion of liberty.  But above all else, Adams was a devoted follower of Christ.  This biography helps restore him to the first tier of our founding fathers.