Safely Home

Stories, even fictional stories, are a superb way to convey truth.  Just look at the parables ofJesus.

“Safely Home” is a novel by Randy Alcorn, depicting life for Christians in China.  The book is challenging and moving and inspiring.  It is difficult to put down.  When I finished it I was a bit sad that I could not continue the adventure with Li Quan, the leading character.

Why is this book so powerful?  Alcorn describes life for the persecuted house church movement in China today.  We see a level of love for Jesus Christ and commitment to Jesus Christ that is extremely rare in the US and yet is normal for the church in China.  We see a passion in worship and in prayer that is frankly convicting.  With the Bible being so rare in China, Chinese Christians treasure it and follow it.  With all the suffering and persecution, it is common to live for the next world rather than this world.  All of this is extremely challenging.

But there’s more.  Alcorn is a tremendous writer, and the tale is riveting.  Plus, you learn so much about China and the church in China.  Also, the main character, Li Quan, is so inspiring.

Let me make a bold statement:  I think this is my all-time favorite novel and one of the ten best books I have ever read. Maybe top five.

Read it.  You will love it. You might not ever be the same again.