Praying Hyde

Basil Miller

John Hyde was a missionary in India from 1892 to 1911.  He was such a man of prayer that he became known during his lifetime and in church history as Praying Hyde.  He had great fruitfulness doing evangelism work in villages in northern India, in what was then called Punjab.  But what he really became known for was his heart for prayer.

The man prayed!  He would pray all night and not that infrequently, and then carry on the next day.  He would get on his knees and pray throughout the day.  He would walk and pray.  When there were important events or services being held, he would not attend them but go to the prayer room next door and seek God in fervent intercession.  He would rather do the work of intercession than the work of preaching.

Hyde had remarkable impact on people in his life.  He understood that prayer was not only the greatest privilege, but prayer was where the power was.

This brief biography will inspire you with the power of prayer.