Prayer of Surrender

Lord because you are my Godbecause you have made me because you have saved me by the blood of Jesus because you have loved me fiercely, forgiven me completely, and accepted me eternally, I gladly surrender my entire life to you.

Jesus, I am trusting you as my Savior from sin and I now bow to you as my King. All that I am and have I give to you – my dreams, my hopes, my fears, my family, my relationships, my health, my career, my money, my time, my hobbies.

My whole life belongs to you.

Though I will struggle and at times fail, I choose to rest in your grace, which is greater than all my sin.

Father, I receive your love for me. Jesus, I am your fully devoted follower. Spirit, I depend on your power, not mine.

I want to live my life as if Jesus died yesterday, rose this morning, and is coming again tomorrow.

Have all of me, Lord Jesus. I am yours. Amen.