Missional Renaissance

The rise of the missional church is the single biggest development in Christianity since the Reformation.”  With these bold words, Reggie McNeal is off on the adventure.

McNeal, a speaker and writer based in South Carolina, is perhaps the leading writer today on the missional church movement.  What exactly is this movement?

A missional church is a church focused on its mission in the world, not on its maintenance as an organization.  It is focused outwardly not inwardly, externally not internally.  It focuses on reaching a community, not building a church.

In the missional church, everyone in the church is on mission for God.  Everyone sees themselves as missionaries, in their neighborhoods and schools and workplaces.

In the missional church, there are three paradigm shifts: Ministry focus shifts from internal to external.

Core activity shifts from program development to people development.

Leadership agenda shifts from church-based to kingdom-based.


This is an excellent book, reflecting what God is doing in the church today.