Letters From a Skeptic

This book is a lively exchange of letters between Gregory Boyd, a theology professor with advanced degrees from Yale and Princeton, and his father, Ed Boyd, who is an agnostic.  Over three years, the father poses many honest and tough questions:  How do you know the Bible is true?  How do you know Jesus rose from the dead?  Aren’t the Gospels full of contradictions? Why is there so much suffering?  Why did God let your mother die?  How can a loving God send people to die? … and more.

The father is intelligent and honest.  The son does a superb job answering the questions.

This is an excellent book to bolster the faith of Christians, and it is a wonderful resource to give to friends who are skeptics.

After several years, Ed Boyd becomes a Christian, and the two agree to publish their correspondence.  The result is a brief but powerful book.