Last Man Standing: The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase

For years Jamie Dimon was considered a brilliant young banker, as he helped Sandy Weill at American Express and Citigroup. But after being pushed out of Citigroup, he took over Bank One and then built JPMorgan Chase as the dominant bank of our day.  Now, Dimon is regarded not just as a brilliant banker but a superb leader, and one of the most influential CEOs in the world.

Why is Dimon such a strong leader?  He is honest and real – everyone knows where he stands. He has integrity and courage, doing the right thing even if it costs him.  He is confident (perhaps to a fault at times).  He is a team player, valuing a team approach and trusting his colleagues.  He is disciplined and consistent in his philosophy.  He is visionary, with an intuitive sense of risk.

He is willing to make the hard decisions.  And, he is very bright.

This book is valuable for three reasons.  First, the reader gets a sense of life on Wall Street. Second, you get an insider’s perspective on the factors contributing to the Great Recession.  And third, here is the example of a gifted leader.

And besides all that, the book is fascinating to read.  I highly recommend it.