How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

“How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth” is the single best book I know of on reading and studying the Bible. I have just re-read it for the third time. It is not only a helpful book, but it is an important book. It is important simply because the Bible is important and Fee/Stuart is invaluable in understanding the Bible better. It is important because there are so many wrong and even weird views on the Bible. Biblical illiteracy and biblical abnormality are distressingly pervasive! Even highly popular preachers and writers misuse and distort the Bible at times.

Since I first read Fee/Stuart almost 25 years ago, I have never approached the Bible in quite the same way. The book has had an enormous effect on me. It has helped me understand the differences between the various kinds of biblical literature: law, narrative, gospels, parables, epistles, prophets, wisdom books, apocalyptic literature, Acts and Psalms. It has given me a framework, a grid, for Bible study.

This is not a quick read or an easy read. But it is an invaluable read and it is well worth the effort.

May God raise up a whole congregation of people who care enough about God’s Word to
understand it accurately, so that we will know our God better.