Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime

This is the story of one remarkable woman.  Gladys Aylward was turned down by a missionary society and decided to find a way to get to China.  She endured a long and dangerous train ride through war-torn Siberia – which included a 31-mile trek through the Siberian winter.

She ended up in a small village in the interior of China.  Over the years, she would have an incredible impact on her village and the surrounding community, largely because she loved the people and fearlessly lived for Jesus Christ.  During the Japanese war on China in the 1930s, she led 94 children on a long and dangerous voyage across the mountains to safety.

Before she died, Gladys Aylward would be on the cover of TIME magazine and Ingrid Bergman would star in a movie of her life (“The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”).

Here is a life fully lived for Jesus Christ.