Francis Schaeffer, an Authentic Life

By Colin Duriez

Francis Schaeffer was the foremost defender of the Christian faith in the 1970s. He had been a pastor in St. Louis, Missouri, and he ended up moving his family to Switzerland. The word spread about his ministry to intellectuals. Students and various intellectuals started coming to his home in L’Abri, Switzerland, from all over the world. At L’Abri he would give lectures, and answer questions that people had. His lecture tapes were turned into books, which spread his reputation. Eventually he even made some films that had widespread impact. He would lecture in places like Harvard and Yale and the room would be overflowing. Schaeffer had a keen mind and a big heart and left a huge legacy. This is the story of Francis Schaeffer and L’Abri.

I could not say this is a great biography, but it is interesting. Solid.