David Brainerd, His Message for Today

David Brainerd died at age 29 after a long illness.  He had spent years serving as a missionary to Indians. At first it went slowly, but later God poured out his Spirit on these Indians in an incredible way.

Brainerd was a man of prayer.  He would spend hours out in the woods pouring out his heart to God.


Though he died in 1747, in the home of Jonathan Edwards, he left an incredible legacy through his journey entries.  His deep heart for God, his longing to depart and go be with God, his burden for the Indians in his flock, continue to challenge people today. Though he died at age 29, his impact is greater than most Christians who live to 70 or 80.

A.J. Gordon, the famous missionary, said that the revivals of the 1800s were due more to the prayers of David Brainerd than any other single thing.

This is a brief (91 pages) but powerful record of a life lived for Christ.  You will be greatly encouraged in the Lord!

Here are a couple of quotes from his journal:

“Spent two hours in secret duties, and agonized for immortal souls.  Though it was early in the morning, yet my ody was wet with sweat” (p. 31).

“I am almost in eternity; I long to be there.  My work is done; I have done with all my friends; all the world is nothing to me.  I long to be in heaven, praising and glorifying God with the holy angels; all my desire is to glorify God” (p. 89).