Chosen by R.C. Sproul

Is the ultimate reason that we are saved because of God’s choice or because of our choice? R.C. Sproul, veteran writer, argues cogently that we love God because he first loved us and chose us and opened our eyes to his grace. This book is a straightforward, concise summary of the Calvinist, or Reformed, position on God’s sovereignty in salvation. He addresses the nature of predestination in the Bible, the relationship between predestination and our free will, original sin, regeneration and faith, foreknowledge and predestination, assurance and eternal security. He has a final chapter on a number of the questions and objections that are commonly raised about predestination.

For those who take an Arminian position – that is, a position that God chooses us only because he sees ahead our faith – this might be the best simple book to understand the biblical view of election.

It was Charles Spurgeon who once commented that Calvinism is simply another name for biblical Christianity. Sproul shows us why this is so.