Chocolate Wars

Chocolate Wars is the story of an industry, the chocolate industry.  It is the story of Hershey’s and Mars, of Nestles and Cadburys and more, over a 150-year period beginning in the mid-1800s.

At the dawn of this story, the three leading chocolate firms in the world were each in England. More importantly, each firm was run by Quaker families – devout Quaker families who were more concerned about the kingdom of God than making money (though they did plenty of that also).  The pioneers in the world of chocolate were remarkable men, men of integrity and godliness, who were deeply concerned with the welfare of their employees and who made enormous contributions for the good of society.  They lived their faith and were examples of businessmen who loved Jesus first.

Of course, the account widens to include other, non-Quaker, businessmen spread over Britain, the U.S. and Europe, and their world-wide rivalry to capture the endless appetite for luscious chocolate.

Chocolate Wars is a fascinating tale filled with unique characters and your favorite candies.  But much more importantly, this book provides a template for the businessman who puts Christ first.