Between Two Worlds

By John Stott

John Stott was a master preacher and a master writer.  This is his major book on preaching and it is superb.  He does an incredible job by giving a historical sketch of preaching.  Then he follows it with some of the objections to preaching in the modern world. 

(The publishing date is 1982, so it is not current, but it is relevant.)

He then has a superb section on the theological foundations for preaching, followed by a long chapter on preaching in the modern world.

The next chapter has a ringing call to the preacher to be a student, followed by an excellent and yet practical chapter on preparing a sermon.

The last two chapters might be the best of all.  One is on sincerity and earnestness or passion. The second one is on courage and on humility.  He is superb on these topics.

I highly recommend this book.