American Lion

Jon Meacham’s American Lion is the story of Andrew Jackson during his White House years,1828-1836.

In many ways, Jackson shaped the presidency as we know it today.  He was a strong activist president, who appealed directly to the people to get things done.  He was immensely popular with the people, though hated by some.  He was strong and fearless, and at times ruthless, and yet he could have a tender heart.

He loved his country.  In some ways, this tough man, who was orphaned as a boy, treated the country like his family.  He was devoted to protecting the country against anything that would hurt it.  For example, when South Carolina considered succession because of a taxation policy, Jackson fought to keep the states together – proving an inspiration to Abraham Lincoln three decades later.

This is the well-told story of Jackson and his closest friends and family during his years as President.