Amazing Grace

William Wilberforce led the fight against slavery in England during the late 1700s and early 1800s, culminating in the abolition of slavery in July, 1833, three days before he died.

Wilberforce came from a wealthy family.  He was a brilliant young man, who lived a self- centered life.

But as a young man in his twenties, already a Member of Parliament, Wilberforce comes to Christ and spends the last 50 years of his life as a passionate follower of Christ.

Wilberforce had two great callings in his life:  the abolition of slavery and matters of social justice in England.  He led the charge for both for nearly five decades.  The impact Wilberforce had on his country, and the world, is incredible.

He combined a brilliant mind with an enormous heart.  He was a legendary orator.  He was tremendously gifted and he used these gifts to serve Christ and help people.

This is his story, superbly told by Eric Metaxas.  I would say this is one of the top ten biographies I have ever read.  I highly recommend it.