A Traitor for His Class

“A Traitor to His Class” is H.W. Brands’ biography of Franklin Roosevelt.

Brands is a superb historian and biographer – probably my favorite.  His books are invariably a combination of scholarly acumen and splendid writing.  This book is no exception.

Roosevelt was from a privileged background, a Harvard graduate, an attorney who was not interested in the law, a man who was quite interested in politics.  In some ways, it seems he was destined to be President.  Certainly this was his ambition from early in his career.

Roosevelt led the country ably through the Great Depression, bringing a variety of changes to our government and our country, leaving a huge legacy.  Even more important, he led our country (and in some ways, the entire world) through World War II, leaving an even bigger legacy.  Before most Americans saw it, FDR realized that we must get involved in the conflict.


Though I do not find Roosevelt as fascinating or compelling as other Presidents, such as Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, there is little doubt that FDR had incredible accomplishments in an age of crises and justly belongs in the pantheon of our greatest Presidents.