A Tale of Three Ships

Dwight Edwards has penned a stirring challenge to pursue your extraordinary dream.  Utilizing the imagery of three ships – the sinking ship (survival), the cruise ship (enjoyment) and the battleship (influence), he calls the reader to make a difference.

These two quotes from the book exemplify his gift of words and the essence of the book:

Until we are operating out of the center of our giftedness, our soul will never know the wonderful paradox of being enflamed and at rest simultaneously.”

“They (those on the battleship) are the radical minority who are attacking life with well-directed and unrestrained passion, who are taking the road less traveled, who are refusing to merely

exist, who will not go quietly into the night, or live dull, blunted lives. Rather, they know the high adventure, the wide-eyed drama, and the fiery exuberance of giving oneself unreservedly to a noble and uniquely fitted task.”