A Promise Kept

At age 55, a vibrant Muriel McQuilkin begins to show the first signs of Alzheimer’s.  Her husband, Robertson McQuilkin, would lovingly, and at times painfully, care for her until her gentle home-going 25 years later.

At first he kept his job as a busy seminary and college president.  But when she needed his care full time, she got it.  He resigned his position when he was in his prime.

He didn’t resent caring for her – as difficult as it was at times.  No, it was a privilege.  He loved her deeply.  He missed her greatly when she died.

This is a love story.  A touching and poignant love story.

For years I’ve told excerpts of this story – excerpts I’ve read in articles and other books.  Finally, I read the brief account and I am reminded of what it means to love a woman and how much I love Gayle